Emblemetric, an analysis of 1,2 million logos

Emblemetric, the new site by James I. Bowie, works with a database with more than 1,2 million logos that date back to 1884. It analyzes design patterns in all sectors, including the related with the birth of new styles, old tendencies, use of colour and geography.

Logotupe vs. Symbol

In its web you can see studios about the usage of symbolVSlogotype during each time and sector:

Brand types per sector:

The colour usage in logotypes per sector (in USA)

Here you can see one of the charts that I liked best: which colours are more popular per sector in the USA.

We can see the beverage sector a strong influence by Coca-cola

Colour usage in Logotypes (USA)

At last, a great char to decide on your new logotype colour!

More charts and details at Emblemetric

Via @ucllc & logodesignlove

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