Tipografías con voz ¿cómo suena la tuya?

En el mundo del diseño siempre se ha dicho que la elección de una buena tipografía es fundamental para cualquier proyecto. Cada tipografía tiene su personalidad, su carácter y añade un valor u otro en el diseño.

La agencia Ogilvy & Mather Nueva York ha querido ir un paso más allá y ha desarrollado Type Voice, una herramienta que traduce el sonido de la voz en tipografía, bajo diferentes variantes como el tono, volumen, etc.



Y tú, ¿quieres saber qué tipografía traduce tu voz? Entra en TypeVoice y a ¡hablar se ha dicho!

Nosotros ya lo hemos probado ;)



Google most searched of 2015

In the last days of the year, Google brings us this video in which we can see the popular searches of 2015.

Ready for 2016? Yes, we are!

Handmade Type



Tien-Min Liao is a graphic designer based in New York, who has developed a great typography experiment that explores the relationship between upper-case letters and lower-case letters. She recorded the transformation between the letters, using her painted hands, in which she drew shapes with ink and manipulated her gestures to transform it into a lower-case letter. She created 26 sets of the letters, including the upper-case and lower-case letter, and also some italic letters.









Making colour, the exhibition of color

The National Gallery in London shows the exhibition Making Colour until September 7. The project invites to discover the techniques and materials used to make pigments throughout art history. In a themed rooms by color, visitors learn about the origin of cobalt blue lapislázuli, vermilion, orange, purple… and golden and silver.

One of the interesting points of the exhibition is an interactive screen to demonstrate how we perceive and record the color. Definitely an interesting exhibition to visit if you are in London.






For more information:

Making Colour – National Gallery
Trafalgar Square – London
18/06 to 07/09 of 2014

Source: National Gallery


El más bello anuncio para una funeraria

Cuando pensamos en las funerarias pensamos en colores más bien apagados, como los negros, blancos o grises. Y de hecho, las funerarias en Japón son en gran medida en blanco y negro, sin ninguna posible desviación del código ya que es considerado tabú o una falta de respeto. Por eso, cuando la agencia de publicidad con sede en Tokio I&S BBDO contrató a Nishinihon Tenrei para crear un anuncio poco convencional para servicios funerarios, es comprensible que plantee este desafío.

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A Brand New Web

This is our first post. As you can see we re-stylized our web, adding new projects and launching a new blog.

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Flag vs Window: A mistery from Microsoft

It is said that Windows 8 is a total re-imagining of the Windows Operative System. According to Microsoft, everything is re-studied, re-analyzed and improved, including the new logotype. Here we go.

The Windows logotype is well known around the globe. We could question if it works or not, if you like it or not, if is old or if it’s suffered too many redesigns. The thing is that, with the launch of the new Windows 8, Microsoft redesigned the Windows logo once more.

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New LEGO Campaign

LEGO just launched its last advertising campaign. Do you recognize them?

This is how the German agency Jung von Matt had the brilliant idea of making 8 groups of fictional characters only with LEGO blocks and play with our imagination to show the power of LEGO.

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What if money was no object – Alan Watts

Ask yourself. What would you do with your life if money was no object? An amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts:
What do you desire? What makes you itch? What sort of a situaion would you like?

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Emblemetric, an analysis of 1,2 million logos

Emblemetric, the new site by James I. Bowie, works with a database with more than 1,2 million logos that date back to 1884. It analyzes design patterns in all sectors, including the related with the birth of new styles, old tendencies, use of colour and geography.

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