About us

SLV is a multidisciplinary studio focused on Digital Design, Corporate Identity, Editorial, Signage and Exhibitions.

We are a team of young & creative people who collaborate in different projects. We make each project with the same enthusiasm of the first. We provide comprehensive services in the areas of communication and design.

We work in almost all areas of design and when we are in a project, we handle all creative and production process, and we seek differential innovative ideas.


We design communication that connects businesses with their customers, so that is consistent with its business strategy and appeal to its users.

We have a holistic approach to design. Whatever the nature of our projects, we always start by an analysis phase that allows us to build a strategy and a customized design team for each project, to capture the creative process oject in an optimum result. To do this we take advantage of our experience of over 6 years as professionals in visual communication and our experience as teachers in ELISAVA.